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John Warren OAKES

John Warren Oakes Fine Art

Sedona, AZ


John Warren Oakes
Art Director, Ethereal Publications, Sedona, AZ 2010 -
President of Sedona Art Museum, Inc. 2012-2014

He lives in Sedona, Arizona.



Painting series: 2012, "Cropped Circles" inspired by irrigation circles in the desert while flying over parts of TX, NM and AZ. He employs the circle, universal symbol of the sun, earth, planets, woman, the egg of life in cropped compositions based on Landsat images expressed in Southwestern colors and textures.

Earlier series include the "Meditations on the Holy Cross" and the "Belzoni Series." "Meditations on the Holy Cross" has contemporary images of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ done in acrylic, oil and encaustic. "Belzoni Series" are landscapes based on Landsat images of the earth and rivers in Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Other series are "Expressions of the Southwest" and "Acorn Lake" which suggest the landscape with abstract brushwork and palette knife juxtapositions which form images in the mind of the viewer.

"Ukiyo-e" series are Ukioy-e prints of wildlife, landscapes and figurative subjects.

"Facets" are examples of digital abstractions.

Oakes exhibits internationally and is Emeritus
Professor of Art at Western Kentucky University,

He is a Master Signature Artist charter member of the Sedona Area Guild of Artists

In 1962, Oakes received an Albert Dorne Scholarship to attend the
Art Students League of New York where he studied with Arnold Blanch,
Edward Chavez, Doris Lee, and Edward Millman. Oakes was an Ogden
Scholar, graduating cum laude from Western Kentucky University in 1964.
He received an M.A. degree in 1966 from the University of Iowa
studying with Mauricio Lasansky, Eugene Ludens, James Lechay
and John Schulze. In 1973, he received the M.F.A. degree
from Iowa studying with Byron Burford, Joseph Patrick,
Michael Tyzack and Tony Underhill.
He continued his post graduate work at Harvard University
receiving the C. A. A. in 1975.

1975 Harvard University, Certificate in Arts Administration.
1973 University of Iowa, Master of Fine Arts/terminal degree
Major Area: Painting; Minor Area: Creative Photography.

1966 University of Iowa, Master of Arts degree
Major Area: Painting; Minor Area: Creative Photography.

1964 Western Kentucky University, Ogden Scholarship,
Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude
Major: Art: Minors: English, Economics and Sociology.

1962 Art Students League of New York, Albert Dorne Scholar


Oakes has exhibited in 467 exhibitions and had 50 one-man shows.
He has won 35 prizes for his paintings, prints, drawings
and creative photography.


Works in public or private collections in
Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida,
Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,
Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,
Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey,
New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina,
Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas,
Virginia and Washington,

Argentina, Belgium, Brazil,
Canada, Czechoslovakia,
England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan,
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania,
Spain, and the West Indies.


Sedona Arts Center
Sedona Art Gallery
Sedona Area Guild of Artists Charter Master Signature Artist
Sedona Visual Artists Coalition
ArtWorks Coalition of Bowling Green, Kentucky
International Encaustic Artists
Encaustic Art Institute
Encaustic Art International




Expressions of England

Cropped Circles

Expressions of the Southwest


Acorn Lake

Meditations on the Holy Cross

Belzoni Series